Diversions and Distractions

Sometimes, you just need to pass some time until the desire to self-injure goes away. Here's a page with assorted things to do that might make the otherwise unbearable time better.

These links are outside links and will open in a new window. If you have a pop-up blocker set, you may have trouble opening these links; you can get around this simply by right-clicking on the link you want and selecting "Open in New Window." I cannot be responsible for the content of outside links, but I have chosen these because, as far as I know, they provide wholesome, fun, and sometimes even uplifting things you can do online—for free.

Bible Gateway's Audio Bible
Here you can listen to the Bible online. It's available in five different versions in English, although some versions have certain restrictions. Make sure to choose your version before searching for a passage. For most of the versions, you will need RealPlayer to be able to listen; it's available for free here.

Adventures in Odyssey
These Christian kids' radio dramas, each a half-hour long, are entertaining for both kids and adults. If you click around, you'll find archived programs on this site as well as the latest ones. You can listen either with Windows Media Player or with RealPlayer.

Christian Radio Programs
Oneplace, which broadcasts Adventures in Odyssey, also broadcasts many other Christian radio programs; I recommend Desiring God (John Piper) and Truth for Life (Alistair Begg). You can also listen to Telling the Truth (Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe) through the Briscoes' website, although you'll need RealPlayer, a free download, to listen.

The Cyber Hymnal
Contains words and MIDIs for many, many hymns.

The RUF Hymnbook
If you prefer contemporary-style music, you might try this site. Reformed University Fellowship, a college ministry, has compiled contemporary versions of many classic hymns, complete with words, sheet music, and demo MP3s.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
With over 600 titles and counting, the Christian Classics Ethereal Library is an incredible collection of public-domain Christian books available online. You can read them in your web browser, print them out and read them that way, or even check out the list of books available in MP3 format.

Perpetual Bubblewrap
It's amazing how fun it is to roll the mouse cursor over this JavaScript application...
(P.S. If you prefer to pop real bubblewrap, you can go to the nearest mailing-supplies store or post office and buy yourself a big long roll for a dollar or two.)

Oneliners and Proverbs
A pretty comprehensive site. These are fun to explore. Note: They're not all compatible with a Christian worldview, but there are some real gems, both serious and funny.

A good, long collection of jokes, courtroom bloopers, signs in "almost English," and more assorted fun. This page is definitely worth reading.

Corkboard Screen Saver
This is a fun, free screen-saver that you can download and design like a message board. Clipart, backgrounds, post-its, to-do lists, clocks, and even pranks are included in add-on packs, many of which are also free to download.

PopCap Games
Popcap has a lot of great games which you can either play online or download to your computer. Try Alchemy or Mummy Maze for a brain puzzler, Big Money for fast-clicking action, or, in Insaniquarium, the craziest game I've found yet, feed a tank of money-dropping fish and protect them from invading space aliens.

Here you create a virtual pet, play games, and do all kinds of other fun stuff. The site management strives to keep it safe, clean, and kid-friendly, but it's more than just a kids' site.

A breakout game where you use a ball and paddle to get rid of blocks. Played online in your web browser.

Wonka, a candy company based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has a very visually active site with games and other fun things to do. Many of these games are knockoffs of popular games with Wonka-brand candy themes, and as for the other games—well, they were invented by very creative people.

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