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secret shame (self-injury information and resources)The best site on the Web to get information in a clear and understandable way. This site covers many areas, such as why someone would injure him or herself, information for family and friends, and ways that a self-injurer can help him or herself. It is well documented and contains information from people who injure themselves as well as from books about the subject and other resources.

American Self-Harm Information Clearinghouse — A page dedicated to raising awareness of self-injury. Contains clear, concise factsheets as well as information about National Self-Injury Awareness Day, which is March 1 of each year.

Christians in Recovery — A Christian recovery ministry containing both Christian and secular information about recovering from abuse, depression, addictions, etc.

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Why clothing links on a site about self-injury? Because even when a person is trying to stop, the old scars are still there. In fact, some people find it easier not to self-injure when their scars are covered. Covering scars doesn't promote self-injury; instead, it can help a person to feel less self-conscious and more at ease in everyday situations. In this case, seeing less of one's old failures makes it easier not to repeat them. Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to find long sleeves in summertime and swimsuits that cover arms and legs. Some of those links are gathered here.

L.L. Bean and Lands' End carry long-sleeved shirts and long pants which are available year-round from their websites.


Wholesome Wear carries girls' and ladies' swimsuits and swimdresses with elbow-length sleeves and knee-length leggings.

H20 Wear carries suits with knee-length legs (for men and women) as well as swim tights and long- and short-sleeved swimshirts. The swimshirts, however, are primarily designed for warmth.

SharkSuit carries long- and short-sleeved swimshirts for men and women as well as children's suits that cover the torso, upper arms, and upper legs.

Speedo, the well-known swimsuit company, now makes swimwear that provides more coverage, including swimshirts with elbow-length sleeves (called rashgards), suits with knee-length legs, and Fastskin suits with long sleeves and ankle-length leggings. Some of these suits, however, are quite expensive.

Swimwear Solutions is a pattern for a swimsuit that has cap sleeves and a skirt, as well as leggings (not attatched to the rest of the suit). If you like to sew, you might try this site. is an Islamic company offering a swimsuit that really covers everything. These suits include a long-sleeved top, long pants, and a one- or two-piece head covering. The site says the suits are made from water repellant material, but I don't know if they would be allowed at a public pool.

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